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Maine In The United States To Ban Cloth Furniture To Add A Flame Retardant

The main reason: Recently, the United States Maine passed a ban to restrain the use of flame retardants in furniture, the ban will take effect on January 1, 2019.

Reporters learned from the Guangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, a few days ago, the United States Maine passed a ban to restrain the use of flame retardants in furniture, the ban will be January 1, 2019 entered into force.

It is reported that the new measures from January 1, 2019, fabric furniture fabric, other cover or cushion material contains the flame retardant chemical concentration of more than 0.1%, or contained in the flame retardant chemical mixture concentration More than 0.1%, you may not sell and distribute in the state. The ban on the "fabric furniture" is defined as residential or other residential use of residential furniture, the whole or part of the material containing elastic cushion material, and cloth or related materials covered by the cover of furniture; "flame retardant Quot; chemical & quot; refers to a chemical or compound that can resist or inhibit the spread of fire, including but not limited to halogenated, phosphorous, nitrogen and nanoscale flame retardants, and in accordance with USC ยง 29, No. 1910.1200 (g) 2015) specifies any chemical or compound in the Material Safety Data Sheet as a "flame retardant".

Maine This ban basically covers all kinds of toxic and flame retardant chemicals in residential fabric furniture. At present, the United States only Maine through this ban, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection said that in order to effectively implement these provisions, will have to develop product labeling and manufacturer registration procedures, as well as certified product sampling and testing procedures.

Guangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the relevant furniture export enterprises, pay close attention to the US furniture flame retardant ban dynamic. At the same time, a reasonable choice of furniture mats and surface fabrics to enhance the level of environmental protection of furniture manufacturing, self-control to strengthen the management level to ensure that fabric furniture and other export products meet the requirements of the United States.

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