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Machine Generation Era

Now the furniture factory has entered the "low profit" era, in addition to labor costs, since 2016, raw material prices skyrocketed, environmental protection inspectors bring the cost of remediation, all enterprises have to breathe.

"If you hate someone, let him go to the furniture factory." This black humor contains a lot of small furniture boss too much sad.

In the recession when the population dividends, large and medium-sized furniture companies choose the "transformation", to actively embrace the government said "machine generation."

However, the "machine generation" is a completely change the mode of production "strong medicine", in addition to expensive, but also the original organization can afford to live.

"Machine generation", the application is to achieve the level of industrial enterprises in the 4.0, and in the current furniture industry, a large number of furniture enterprises are still in the industrial 2.0, or even 1.0 stage, automation, mechanization are still very low, not With the "machine generation" related processes, equipment, personnel, capital ... ...

The market is always unpredictable, for the backward mode of production is always ruthless and decisive.

In the furniture industry with a trillion market size, shuffling is accelerating. We see in the process, many small businesses in the hard to survive, and some have disappeared silently.

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