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Louvre Museum Import Hall.

Through creative furniture design, to discover more and enjoy the new ideas and fun in life, this is also the life philosophy that the Louvre Import Pavilion has been trying to interpret.

As the world's most comprehensive and largest imported furniture exhibition hall, the Louvre Import Pavilion is committed to introducing the world's most fashionable home design and products to the people of the world. It is home to many classic Italian imported furniture, especially many international design masters. Extraordinary works, both tribute to the classics and benchmarking design that guides the trend, bringing a unique temperament to the modern living room. On September 8th, the Louvre Museum imported dozens of top Italian furniture brands and 1000 pieces of Milan furniture new products in China. More invited Chinese and foreign designers such as Jiang Feng and Du Kangsheng to come and share the most cutting-edge design concepts. Inspired by the unique furniture design.

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