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Furniture Maintenance Of Echino Wood: Heavy On Maintaining The Temperature And Humidity

Sharply wood (African zebra wood) furniture maintenance mainly lies in the change of the air humidity, better furniture in the design of the time with a telescopic gap, the most obvious, such as the desktop there should be a circle aperture, generally in spring and winter festival, when indoor air is dry, gap will get bigger, whereas high humidity when the aperture is small, if there is no such a design, coupled with the moisture content of timber processing well, deformation and cracking phenomenon will occur.

The maintenance of wujinmu furniture should pay attention to the following three points:

1. Maintain air temperature and humidity. Don't be too cold or overheat, otherwise the furniture of wujinwood will appear in a circle of cracks, affecting the use effect.

2. Regularly clean the dust on the furniture of the ujinmu wood and keep it clean so as not to allow the dust to enter the furniture, thus affecting the life of the furniture.

3. Regular maintenance of the furniture repair shop.

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