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Five Kinds Of Decontamination Method To Clean

Recently there are quite a few readers consulting the reporter of cany qualitative furniture cleaning method, they said cany furniture is used long hard to avoid can dirty, and is a waste and it's a pity that he lost but common way to clean and not too easy, the reporter consulting some experts in the industry, provide the reader with a variety of cleaning methods as a choice.
Soap decontamination
In fact, cleaning the rattan furniture is not a complicated affair, and soap is the best cleanser. You can cut the bristles of paintbrush by half to a small brush and use them to remove dirt from the furniture. The cane makes furniture to let the furniture dry one day after a day or two days after two days before use.
Tea decontamination method
The furniture that has been painted is stained with dust, can use gauze to wrap wet tea residue to wipe, or use cold tea water to scrub, can make furniture special bright and clean and bright.
Milk decontamination
Use a clean cloth to soak in the milk that can't be drunk after expiration, then wipe table and so on wooden furniture with a dishcloth, so remove dirt effect is very good, finally use clear water to wipe again.
Lemon decontamination
If wooden furniture is to be burned by matches, you can wipe with half a lemon and then wipe with a soft cloth soaked in hot water. At last, the dry soft cloth is quickly wiped and polished, then the original will be restored.
White wax decontamination
Rub the furniture surface with equal amounts of white wax and hot water, then wipe with a soft cloth.
Brine decontamination
Rattan furniture fouling time is long, affect not only appearance, also very unhygienic, but can't use common scour scrub it, lest damage cane. The best method is to use brine to scrub, not only can decontamination, still can make cane soft and rich flexibility. In addition, beer, toothpaste and so on have the cleaning effect.

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