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Eco-Friendly Furniture Uses Glowing Bio Resin To Self Heal Salvaged Wood

 In nature, trees can heal themselves when wounded while simultaneously promoting healthy growth. Inspired by this self-repairing process, German design companyManufract has created unique furniture pieces that combine salvaged oak with bio resins–this material repairs the wood and forms it into its final, sturdy shape.

Manufract's eco-friendly approach to furniture construction has a distinct aesthetic advantage. The cracks and broken pieces of oak are highlighted (rather than concealed) with the colorful filler. Scattered throughout the form, the resin captures the light to resemble frozen water and a shimmering amber.

Aside from its visually stunning effect, Manufract has breathed new life into a material that would've otherwise been discarded–they see its potential disadvantages as unique design challenges. If you're interested in the construction process, check out how Mike Warren created a similar DIY table using a glow-in-the-dark resin.


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