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Water-based paint has become an environmental standard

"The so-called water-based paint is water-based solvent or dispersion medium, organic solvent-free paint. It includes water-soluble, water-dilutable, water-dispersible (latex paint). It can be used in wood, metal, plastic, glass. , the construction surface and other materials," said the relevant experts.

Since the water-based paint does not contain organic solvents such as benzene and xylene, and the volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions in the production process are extremely small, the water-based paint continues to heat up as the health awareness increases and the environmental law enforcement strengthens, becoming an environmentally friendly coating. synonym.

There are many environmentally friendly coatings, including solvent-free coatings such as powder coatings, photocurable coatings and high-solids coatings, but these coatings have a relatively small market share. A faster development and a larger market share is a water-based coating.

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